Heart Break is an integral part of the human experience.  "Broken" explores the many facets of a broken heart. No matter how hard the band tries to pick up the pieces, they are still left with a piece missing in the end.

Music Selections

  • Original Music

  • *It's Getting Harder To Breathe - Maroon 5

  • *Unbreak My Heart/Lacrimosa - Toni Braxton/Mozart

  • *Shatter Me - Lindsey Stirling 

  • Dies Irae - Mozart

  • Lacrimosa (Outro) 

Original Performance

Corbin HS (Corbin, KY)

*We provide a “work-for-hire” service when creating a show. "Permission to Arrange” copyright licensing must be obtained for any non-public domain music apart of your ensemble’s arrangements

 Price:                Year: $800                  2015