If purchasing music by check or Purchase Order, please fill out the brief form below and you will be sent an invoice to the supplied email address or physical address. Email addresses are preferred. Electronic parts and scores will be sent to the email address provided. We currently only offer electronic parts and scores but will soon have physical versions as well.

All compositions have a brief description along with a perusal score and sample recording. Any works of 7 or less parts have note heads removed from the perusal score for protection. Purchased copies will have note heads restored. 

Site License

The entire 16Parks Music catalogue is currently only available as a digital download and adheres to a Site License. 

A Site License grants the purchaser the right to unlimited performances with the ensemble (site) or person (solo only) they are originally purchasing it for. A Site License comes with PDF files of the score and all parts. By purchasing a Site License you agree to the following terms: 
The music is to be used only by the ensemble (site) it was originally purchased for. 

  • You are allowed to print however many parts are needed to accommodate the size of your ensemble.
  • Parts, scores, and any performance materials, are never to be distributed, sold, copied, leased, or loaned to ANY 3rd parties. If someone else wishes to perform the work they need to purchase their own Site License/Master Set. This includes solo works.
  • If the purchaser plans on using the piece for an ensemble OTHER than the one it was originally purchased for (ie. Honor Band, another school, clinic ensemble, etc.) that ensemble must purchase their own Site License/Master Set. 
  • The Site License does NOT include Sync rights, permission to arrange rights, or recording rights. If you wish to record one of these works please contact us directly for more information. 
  • The holder of the Site License will contact the composer when the work is performed.