A boy and his dad are going through old boxes in the attic. The boy stumbles upon a box full items he's never seen before. His dad laughs and tells him they are mixtapes from his high school years. Mixtape is a funny, heartwarming story of a dad sharing memories with his son who is baffled by 80s technology. This show features unique visual moments of rewinding tapes, embarrassing B sides, a love tape, and new memories between a boy (or girl!) and their dad. A show so fun it had judges laughing  on their judges tape every competition.


Original Performance

Pike County Central HS (Pikeville, KY)

Music Selections

  • *Turn The Beat Around - Gloria Estefan

  • *Hello - Lionel Richie

  • *Thanks For The Memories - Fall Out Boy

 Price:                Year: $800                  2019

Pike County Full ShowPerc. cues only
00:00 / 07:20

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