How does one find hope against all odds? Light of mine explores the age old idea of darks vs. light and finding hope in the darkest of times. This is all the more poignant knowing this show was written for a 2020 season that never came to be. This is easily one of the best and favorite shows we have ever written. A must have for everybody to check out.

Music Selections

  • This Little Light Of Mine - Folk

  • *Inferno - Robert W. Smith

  • *I Hope Your World Is Kind - Auri

  • *Ascension - Robert W. Smith

  • Original Music - Michael Cotten

Light of Mine

Original Performance

Pike County Central (Pikeville, KY)

*Never performed due to canceled season

 Price:                Year: $1200                  2020

Light of Mine
00:00 / 07:29

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