There one moment and gone the next. The word itself means so many things depending on who you  ask: to some it is nostalgia, to others it is regret or anger, and still to others it joy. Either way, the audience won't be able to forget this show once it's gone.

Music Selections

  • *"There's No Place Like Home" From Lost (Intro) - Michael Giacchino 

  • *Sensemayá/Dies Irae - Revueltas/Mozart

  • *Say Something - A Great Big World

  • Rage Over A Lost Penny (Percussion Only) - Beethoven

  • Dies Irae - Mozart

Original Performance

La Salle HS (Cincinnati, OH)

 Price:                Year: $800                  2015

*We provide a “work-for-hire” service when creating a show. "Permission to Arrange” copyright licensing must be obtained for any non-public domain music apart of your ensemble’s arrangements