Everyone approaches one moment where they must make a decision, a turning point which will define the rest of  their life. If you make the decision to follow your dreams the path will be difficult. When you jump, you will get cuts and tears before you ever fly. If you don't jump, you will never have to deal the pain, you will be safe. You will have to live with the fact though that you will never what your life would have been like if you followed dreams, if you had jumped. So the question is, will you take a leap of faith?

Based off an inspirational video by Steve Harvey: Click Here

Leap Of Faith.jpg

Original Performance

La Salle HS (Cincinnati, OH)

 Price:                Year: $800                  2017

Music Selections

  • *Insomnia - Eli Flerlage 

  • *The Abyss Main Theme- Alan Silvestri

  • *Third Vortex - Roland Barrett

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