Pricing is dependent on the difficulty level, sophistication of orchestration/show complexity, and length. Call or use the contact page to request a quote. We've worked with large schools all the way down to groups with less than 25 students total. Our primary goal is to give you a great product without breaking the bank

One of the greatest advantages of having us design your wind book, percussion book, and drill is that we can create a group price more affordable than if you went through 2-3 separate individuals. 


Why should I have a show custom designed?

A custom showed is tailored not only to your show concept, but also the individual students within the ensemble. Some bands have phenomenal low brass, others have incredible woodwinds, and some have all of thee above. We create the show you want, simple as that.

What all is included with my custom show?

You have as much or as little included in your show as your want. A number of bands work with us individually

(only wind book, only drill). 

  • Full show consultation

  • Wind score, percussion score, and combined score

  • Audio of the show music

  • Full drill charts with dot sheets

  • Drill show animation 

  • Editing as needed (Most groups need basic edits over the course of band camp and through the beginning of the year)

  • Exclusive performing rights for the school school year.

When should I begin the process of designing my marching band show?

The sooner the better. The most important resource you can put into a show is time. The more time you can devote to your concept and developing the arc of the show, the better we as designers can coordinate with you and bring that effort and idea into fruition. The bulk of our writing takes place in May, June, and July.

When will i receive my music and drill?

This is decided by you during the planning phase. With a reasonable amount of time, shows are sent in full prior to the start of band camp. Though we often send each movement as it is completed for directors approval and immediate changes.


*This playlist is by no means exhaustive but is meant to highlight some of the music designs we have been involved with. Also keep in mind that while there are some well produced videos in this set, many are also amateur recordings (ie. Band-Dads at football games) and not all are end-of-season quality. So enjoy, and check back as this playlist will be constantly changing based on video availability. 

Why should I have my show designed by 16parks?

Whether working with one of us or all of us, we all have significant experience in the marching arts. It's also easy for us to coordinate elements of the show with one another when working on the same show. This avoids misinterpretation of intent or conflicting artistic visions which can arise from having multiple individuals writing the wind book, percussion book, and drill separately from one another. Your going to spend four months with the show, make sure it's what you want from the beginning.