Every custom show we craft is unique to the ensemble we craft it for. Thus, we can't simply put an exact figure on all shows. Below, you will find estimates as to what we typically charge based on the difficulty of the show. It doesn't mean that if we add a 16th note run it's immediately a grade 4, a harder show in general takes more time and thus requires a slightly higher price due to the time it takes to complete it. 

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Wind book only is whenever you work with Jim Daughters and Michael Cotten on crafting wind arrangements. They both will write in percussion cues and percussion elements they believe necessary to the overall development of the show.

Percussion book only is whenever you work with Dr. Brandon Arvay on crafting percussion arrangements. Dr. Arvay can do everything from an entire show, to just electronics or only a percussion transition in your show.

Percussion Book

Full Show

If you want work with both Jim Daughters/Michael Cotten and Dr. Brandon Arvay, we can design all of your music together. This is advantageous in that the three are able to communicate swiftly and efficiently to collaborate on the overall intent and function of your arrangements.