Wind Ensemble and Narration/ Grade 2 / Approximately 4'

A Child's Dream of A Star

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    Comissioned by the University of Cincinnati - Cincinnati Junior Youth Wind Ensemble 


    A Child's Dream Of A Star is based off of the short story of the same title by Charles Dickens. Written in 1871, the story tells of a brother and sister who watch for a star each night before they go to bed. The brother soon loses the sister and dreams of her one night coming out of the stay. After many years when the young boy has grown to be an old man, he again dreams of the star and is finally reunited with his sister.

    The composition itself is not demanding on any individual instrument yet features a variety of orchestrated colors and harmonic complexity. The intent behind the composition was to create a work that is intended to be a serious concert work for young musicians.The subject matter of the text will challenge players emotionally, and in addition, the piece itself is designed to grow young musicians ears. This composition adds depth and beauty to any program.