Performance Piece for Electronic and Band / Grade 3 / Approximately 7

Becoming One

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    Premeried at the 2016 KMEA (Kentucky) State Conference by the Twenhofel Middle School Symphonic Band under the direction of Jim Daughters.


    Becoming One was commissioned by Jim Daughters and the Twenhofel Middle School Band in 2016.


    When Mr. Daughters first came to me to write a piece in 2015, he wanted the composition for his band to do two things.

    #1 - He wanted it to represent the journey he and his band had taken over the past year.

    #2 - He wanted the piece to be different from the majority of literature written to date - He wanted there to be electronics, use of lighting, dancing, and narration.


    Becoming One was the result of this.


    Narration is used throughout the piece to tell the story of Becoming One. It begins with the band playing scales as part of their warm-up routine. From there, a few students become frustrated with all of the work they've been doing on fundamentals and they essentially rebel. They begin playing wrong notes and start talking about how they just aren't getting it and are tired. From there, the band director begins a lesson in teaching the students about why we play music and why we work for perfection - taking them through many different examples.


    One of the things Mr. Daughters kept repeating in his description of what he wanted from the composition is about how he emphasizes to the band that we should play as one, become one, and that the band can create something greater than any individual can on their own. Following suite, the composition ends with the band taking what they've learned, and creating something special together.


    Excerpt from performance notes: "Becoming one is a performance piece for band that incorporates live music, recorded music/narration,and choreographed movement. This compositionwas created to capture the journey taken by the Twenhofel middle school band as they worked together to become something greater than any one member."


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