Wind Ensemble/ Grade 1/ Approximately 2'

Dissonant Echoes

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    Dedicated to the 2018 RA Jones Middle SChool 6th Grade Beginning Band

    Premeried by the 2018 Fayette County, Kentucky 6th Grade Honor Band


    Dissonant Echoes was written for my first ever 6th grade beginning band at R.A. Jones Middle School in Florence, Kentucky. For those who have experienced a beginning band, you know the sound starts quite “dissonant.” While this quirky composition is not typical of a dedicatory piece, it harkens back to the students first concert, the fall spooky concert, and was a composition I knew I would love to teach and the students would love to play. The piece begins with a harsh, harmonic and rhythmic passage which serves as the musical tissue for the rest of the piece. From there, the music goes on a journey featuring a beautiful yet dark melody which is echoed by multiple instruments. During the central melodic statement you can hear the dissonant echo which accompanies the rest of the composition. The piece draws its name from this motif, and it grows stronger with each iteration. After a few transformations, the composition comes to a close with a "rock-out" section which allows the dissonance to be on full display.