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Listen: https://youtu.be/b034Y5ZITlg


Premiered at the 2016 Ohio Music Education Association Conference In Cincinnati, Ohio by the University of Cincinnati - Cincinnati Junior Youth Wind Ensemble Percussion Section. Based off of Steve Reich's "Clapping Music."

/Klap/ (verb)

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    This composition is based off of Steve Reich's "Clapping Music." The composition follows the same format but uses a familiar rhythm and phases by a quarter note, rather than an eighth note. This piece is a great way to introduce students and parents to the music of Steve Reich, minimalism, and phasing. 


    The composition comes with two version, one where the non-phasing part switches clappers every two repeates, and a second where the first clapping part contains the non-phasing part the entire time. Both versions come an instructional page where the count have been written out to aid students.


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