9 Trumpets / Approximately 7'


2015 National Trumpet Competition Semi-Finalist Arrangement

Roman Carnival Overture

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    Scored for Piccolo Trumpet/Bb Trumpet, 7 Bb Trumpets, and 1 Eb/Bb Bass Trumpet


    Roman Carnival Overture was composed by Hector Berlioz (---_ in 1844. The composition is made up of various themes and musical material from his opera "Benvenuto Cellini." While the opera is rarely performed, the overture has become a stand alone concert piece and is one of Berlioz's most well known works. 


    The arrangements was intended for competition in National Trumpet competition so the original 9' work has been edited to 7'. Feature a diverse variety of technicality, driving rhythms, elegant melodies, and robust harmony, this work makes a strong addition to any program regardless of where it is placed on the concert. In addition, the musical demands of the composition will grow any musican who performs the piece - perfect for an advanced high school or college trumpet ensemble. 


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