Brass Quintet and Trombone Soloist / Approximately 6' 30"


Premiered at the 2015 American Trombone Workshop by Brad Kerns and The United States Army Band "Pershings Own" Brass Quintet

Tip Topper: Polka Brass Quintet

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    This brass quintet arrangement was created for Brad Kerns to be performed at the 2015 American Trombone Workshop with The 
    "Pershing's Own" Brass Quintet

    Arthur Pryor (1896 - 1942) was a trombone virtuoso, bandleader, and soloist with the Sousa Band. His legacy is remembered through some 300 compositions left behind. Some of his commonly known works are "Bluebells of Scotland" and "The Whistler and His Dog."


    The Tip Topper: Polka captures a variety of styles and very much embodies the voice of Arthur Pryor in its writing. This lesser known gem makes a wonderful addition to any program and is a favorite of trombone teacher/player extraordinaire Brad Kerns of the University of Kentucky. 


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