Hymn / 6 Trumpets / Approximately 3' 30"

Wayfarers' Hymn

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    Wayfarers' Hymn is an original composition voiced for 6 trumpets by Michael Cotten. During the summer of 2015, the Syrian refugee crisis was all over the international news and the topic of much debate amongst the world. I had previously sketched out a hymn based off of Beethoven's Drei Equali (three pieces for trombone which were played at his funeral) about a year prior and whenever I saw the news, this sketch was immediately brought to mind. From the combination of these two sources came the inspiration and material for Wayfarers' Hymn. While I may not have been able to do much to help change the lives of the refugees fleeing, I at least was able to record my reaction to what I saw.

    This composition is dedicated to those fleeing from and searching for a new home.


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