Brass Quintet

Tip Topper (Pryor/Cotten)

duration: 6'

Arthur Pryor's Tip Topper featuring trombone

(Performed at 2015 Eastern Trombone Workshop)




Klap (Cotten)

duration: 2-4' - beginner medium level

for two clappers with stomping

(Premiered at 2016 Ohio Music Education Association Conference)

Take Out The Trash (Cotten)

duration: 3' 30" - beginner level

6 percussionists on trash cans in two parts

Solo Piano

Eventide (Cotten)

duration: 3' 30" - medium advanced

Stylistic variations of a Chaconne

Rhapsody On A Theme By Paginini Var. XVIII 


duration: 3' 30" - Advanced

Sweeping transcription of the 18th variation

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Trombone Choir

With Sword And Crown (Cotten)

duration: 4'

Bombastic opener/closer, 6 trombones

(Performed at 2017 Midwest Clinic)

Basin Bridge March (Cotten)

duration: 2' 30"

Henry Fillmore Style March/Rag, 6 trombones

(Premiered at 2017 Midwest Clinic)


Roman Carnival Overture (Berlioz/Cotten)

duration: 7'

Arrangement for 8 trumpet and Eb Bass Trumpet

(National Trumpet Competition Semi-Finalist Arr.)

Wayfarer's Hymn (Cotten)

duration: 2' 30"

Mournful hymn, 6 trombones

(2016 Kentucky Music Education Association Collegiate Composition Contest Winner)